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10 - Razib Khan: Genetic Time Traveling

10 - Razib Khan: Genetic Time Traveling

Unlocking Genes to Peer Into Our Future and Our Past

Razib Khan is a population geneticist, has a popular Substack on genetics and history, and is a co-founder of GenRait.

We speak about his role in the scientific ecosystem, the effect of the computing revolution on ancient genetics and genomics, why he’s most interested in Eurasian steppe populations, how ancient DNA has shed light on theories in archeology and philology, the effects of delayed fertility on genetic quality of offspring, prenatal genetic screening and gene editing, selection effects of modern environments, his startup, GenRait, and his antics on Twitter/X.

Website: https://www.razib.com/

Twitter/X: https://twitter.com/razibkhan 

GenRait: https://www.genrait.com/


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