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27 - Lomez: Keeper of the Press

27 - Lomez: Keeper of the Press

An interview with the father of the Passage Prize

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I speak with father of the Passage Prize and Keeper of the Passage Press, Lomez.

Passage Prize started as an open call for literary and artistic submissions to find untapped talent from the Twitter anon sphere. It quickly exceeded its initial ambitions, drawing artists both obscure and famous to claim their spot in the coveted limited run print edition book, and a share of the $20,000 prize. From the success of the Passage Prize contest, the Passage Publishing company was born.

Lomez and I speak about the origins of the Passage Prize, the hole in the market for right-of-center artists to share their work, the dearth of vitality in conservative art, surprises from the first submission, how they selected for quality, the gap in publishing that Passage Publishing is aiming to fill, its relationship with Man's World and Mystery Grove Publishing, and his vision for the future of the Passage Press.

Buy book(s): https://passage.press/

Passage Press on X: https://x.com/PassagePress

Lomez on X: https://x.com/L0m3z

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