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31 - Nick Simmons: Urbit + Octu Ventures

31 - Nick Simmons: Urbit + Octu Ventures

Building the Pillars of a Digital Civilization

Nick Simmons is a cofounder and member of Octu Ventures, a member-driven venture DAO investing in teams building on Urbit.

Urbit comprises a decentralized network of personal servers, a unique digital ID system, and a decentralized peer-to-peer networking protocol. Altogether, these constitute load-bearing pillars of a truly digital civilization.

We talk about the Urbit stack, Octu's thesis behind a member-driven venture DAO, Urbit as a new coordination technology, the importance of persistent digital identities that are not real names, encoding offline social technology in digital online network technology, the robustness and fault-tolerance of the Urbit network, and building the load-bearing pillars of a digital civilization.

Find Nick on Urbit: ~simfur-ritwed

Octu: https://octu.ventures/

Hydra Ventures: https://www.hydraventures.xyz/

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