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Hacking State
8 - Bo Winegard: Aporias of Human Nature

8 - Bo Winegard: Aporias of Human Nature

An Interview with Social Psychologist and Aporia Magazine Executive Editor Bo Winegard

Bo Winegard on life after cancellation, why we should talk about group differences in intelligence, Aporia - a new magazine courting heterodox social science and philosophy, victimhood rhetoric, the tedious relationship of truth to justice, anonymity vs. identity, are we at peak wokeness?, noble lies, epistemic accelerationism, limits to academic discourse in public, and his proposal for a Republic; if you can keep it.

Bo WInegard is a Social Psychologist and Aporia Magazine's Executive Editor.

Bo Winegard on Twitter: https://twitter.com/EPoe187

Aporia Magazine: https://www.aporiamagazine.com/

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