A search for exploits.

Hacking State explores minds, machines, and matters political in the spirit of overcoming.

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What You Will Find

Philosophical, historical, and technologically-informed syntheses of the following topics:

  • Poli-Phil: Posts focused on political philosophy explore the possibility space for new governance, political insights from our past, our relationship to technology & each other, and perennial questions of human nature: virtue, justice, authority, legitimacy, power, freedom, rights, law.

  • Compute: The preeminent technology of the 21st century is still in early development. We’ll be covering languages, frameworks, tooling, cloud, web, Bitcoin, crypto, DAOs, Zero-Knowledge, AI, hardware, theory. This is not a tech blog per-se, but if it fits the greater project, I may do a deep dive.

  • Cog/Psy: Human brains seem to be advanced computers. Cognition and psychology are where we get to see the mediation layers between the material and the subjective. Topics from psychometrics, psychology, learning, attention, attachment, biases, game theory, competition, persuasion, neuroscience, intelligence, neurohacking. (For questions of soul, see: Poli-Phil)

Why Join the Search

Our capacity to harness nature has never been greater. Science and technology have unlocked immense power. Yet the human animal remains remarkably similar across millennia. In such a situation, discernment is our greatest asset. It is our relationship to ourselves, our systems, and one another, that requires tending to. Hacking State is about doing more with less, pushing limitations, and finding gainful exploits at every level of the human operating system; from minds, to bodies, to tools, organizations, governments, and higher order social systems.

Hacking culture springs from the weird relationship of man to machine in an information age. Nearly every day you sit with a box of glowing light and use it to perform magic. This is made possible by armies of men who really wanted to break stuff. By break, I mean do more than was perviously imagined, and by stuff, I mean with the whole universe. Truly, Promethean. It is the spirit of overcoming we seek to embody and see manifest in the hacker’s ethos. Exploration, autonomy, inventiveness, mischief, joy—these are the guiding lights of Hacking State. To figure out what can be done you must have a clear understanding of what is, an intuition about what could be, and the will to see it realized.

I trust we can find that will, provided we begin looking for small and large paths out.

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In search of exploits.


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